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Aspiranet REACH Kern County

Aspiranet REACH
Kern County

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In January 2018 Kern County and Aspiranet, a nonprofit whose programs include foster care and adoption, collaborated to develop an adoption support program. Our mutual goal was to strengthen and empower adoptive families. The result of the collaboration is REACH, a program designed to provide Resources, Education, Advocacy, Crisis Counseling and Hope to adoptive families in our community.

REACH services are available at no cost to adoptive families in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County who have adopted or are adopting through foster care. We also provide services for adults considering adoption through the foster care system.

While all families experience triumphs and challenges as they grow and change, adoptive families tend to encounter unique challenges. REACH offers the following services to support adoptive parents, adolescents, and children.

  • Education, referral, and advocacy services to help parents locate and access services in Kern County

  • Crisis counseling, support counseling, and case management services

  • Parent support groups for adoptive parents (child care provided)

  • Community education, presentations and workshops on adoption issues

  • An extensive adoption lending library

  • Referrals to local adoption professionals and child-serving agencies

  • Quarterly newsletters

  • The REACH Kern County website


REACH services are available Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM. Feel free to visit our office or contact our staff for more information about assisting your family.

Aspiranet REACH Kern

4900 California Ave.,

Tower A.. Suite 410-A

Bakersfield, CA 93309

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Emma Ruiz

Resource Family
Program Director

Ext. 1812

Carrie photo.jpg
Carrie Ontiveros, MA

Program Supervisor

Ext. 1887

Elizabeth Hanson, MA

Social Worker
Ext. 1822

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